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:: Sunday, October 07, 2007 ::

I really write once in a while now... oh, well...

Life has cycles, magic has cycles... I think I just closed one. Feeling the power flowing fully again at the slightliest tought of it. Strong, free, powerful, wild. I feel a soft but constant call to magic, wear my crown often again, as well as a fully flowered third eye. Power and freedom. Not the tamed magic of the circle, the regular flow of the coven. My own magic, one fit for a dryad.

I the last few days, I started making, crafting and writing again. I first expected to write for the website, but I'm seriously considering a book. A book, in french, but not wicca 101 at all. I have to arrange the links on my website.

I want to continue my work on the futhark, and there's a class I'm supposed to teach to a friend that is just waiting too long. It's the way I like to teach: one or two students, specific subjects, and lots of experiencing. The subject I was asked will probably take me four or five classes to get done. Attack, defense, shielding and exorcism, basics and practice. I'll probably add how to send toughts to creatures in that. Could be useful. Last time, it was herb magic, basics too. Only the how to make incense and such stuff. The more delicate workings, including the ones with spirits of plants, will have to wait for another time, there's some stuff to be learned yet.

It's surpriseing how many of my friends are currently in trouble, mostly monetary. Quite a few thousands in total, way past the 10 thousand. At least I'm sure two of them aren't going any deeper, slowly but surely getting out of that circle. Doesn't look easy at all, even less when one comes and you start giving food...

:: 12:23 PM ::

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