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:: Friday, October 12, 2007 ::

i finished early again, mostly for a lack of something to do, so I went home and did a few hours of crafting. I'm going to montreal tonight.

I almost finished my light staff. I took a long piece of gray floated wood I found while working outdoors, I drew motives with a woodburner and melted shapes of tin on it. On the top, two rings of tin melted there hold pieces of large plated copper wire : they are shaped so that I will suspend a stained glass lantern on chains there. Today, I finished the polishing of the tin: liming first and then polishing and washing. I did about half of the necessary varnishing, I'm currently waiting fot it to dry.

The last part will be enchanting it... and using it. I drew no runes ont the wood : all of it is curves and shades of grey. I didn't want to break the feeling. Magic should flow well inside that. I want to facilitate seeing in the dark when I play in the woods. Ya, I actually made that for a game... but I is nice and will surely live.

I burned myself, but that something that happens once in a while. Tin can get hot. Now I suppose I should take care of that burned arm and my black and green hands.

I need a camera.
I'll take that thing and a few other crafted objects (jewlery-bottles, jewlery of feathers, stained glass...) to a game where I expect to find over 100 players. I pretty sure I can manage a few contracts.

My blowing horn is getting nicer and more finished, but it isn't ready yet. I'll have to test on a cut bit if I can melt metal on that. My drum has been waiting a long time. I feel the inspiration for it rising again: I'm due to work on it soon. I'll have to try making a belt with that melted tin technique...

:: 4:09 PM ::
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